Rize, established in 2021 by Ibrahim Balilah and Mohammed AlFraihi, is on a mission to reshape the rental landscape in Saudi Arabia. With their pioneering "Rent Now..Pay Later" solution, they're challenging the conventional rental norms by providing tenants with the flexibility to pay their rent in convenient monthly installments, rather than upfront lump sums. This innovative approach not only enhances financial flexibility for tenants but also addresses common pain points in the rental process, making renting more accessible and convenient for everyone involved.

Neobanks and Saudi Arabia Banking Industry

Neobanks:The new era of Saudi banking or just another fancy word? Neobanks are bridging gaps, easing the ways for users and merchants to...

Conducting FinTech Activities in Saudi Arabia

“Attractive environment, sustainably growing” Since the 1970s economical leap in Saudi Arabia that paved the way for the country’s economy to bloom and become as attractive as it’s today to business and investment...

List of Resources Tackling FinTech

With all the recent initiatives and regulations that are being set around FinTech, aiming to accelerate its development in Saudi Arabia and the region as a whole...

The Challenges Founders Face While Raising for Series A

While the current seed-stage companies are vastly growing, the need to start a series A round increases for many other reasons; geographical expansion, technology development, acquiring a bigger share in the market, and more other reasons. In this round, Venture Capital investment is mainly targeted by the founders.

2020, The Year of Pivoting and Many Critical Decisions

The first half of this year has passed on the Venture Capital sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with an unprecedented growth rate in the volume of investments by 102%, surpassing the countries of the region combined...

Is Conducting Financial Projections a Waste of Time?

Through our daily scanning process of the pitch decks we receive from different founders, we have noticed a repetitive pattern of some areas that can be improved. Although that we, at Hala Ventures, target early-growth, and post-revenue startups...

Loyal Customers are the Best Advocates

Before we start, let’s agree that Digital Marketing is way more than a paid ad. If attracting the customers’ attention and gaining their loyalty is as easy as creating a paid ad, then brands and companies wouldn’t have needed marketing researchers, analysts, strategies and content creators, phycologists, or sociologists.

The Impact of Venture Capitalists on the Economy Growth

So, are Venture Capitalists really adding value as they claim to be? Are they that impactful? What about the current market recession due to the coronavirus outbreak? Would they be standing while the wave is affecting almost everything...

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